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Auger Screws

Standard Pitch

Conveyor screws with pitch equal to screw diameter are considered standard. They are suitable for a wide range of materials in most conventional applications.

Variable Pitch

Independently variable auger and spinner controls allow precise placement of up to 10,000 pounds of material per hour with less waste and overspread.

Helicoid Flighting

Helicoid flighting is a continuous one-piece helix formed from bar or cut plate on special fabrication equipment into the desired diameter and pitch to fit conveyor screw pipes or shaftless screw applications. The advantages of using helicoid flighting are one-piece construction, availability and helicoid flighting costs less than sectional flighting.

Sectional Flighting

Sectional flighting capabilities include both standard and non-standard flights ranging from 1 inch to 50 inch pitch. The advantages of using sectional flighting are unlimited variations of materials, pitch, thickness and diameter can be used.

Most quotes for standard augers can be processed within 1 day and most quotes do not exceed 72 hours.

We can save on the cost of a new auger by repairing your current broken or worn out auger. We can straighten bent shafts, add flights and even take out nicks and dents.

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